Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not enough room!

If you went to college, you know that dorm rooms are tiny. Real tiny. Most of the time it is hard to fit all of your stuff (and your room mate's) comfortably in that space. This need for more space can be carried over to your small apartment, house, or condo. And, by the time you move, those lousy 2x4 home-made lofts just don't cut it anymore. 

What will you do? You should check out a great company called Tumidei. They are based in Italy and bring you more sophisticated solutions for furniture. I am especially interested in their superimposed beds and movements section on their web site. They are bringing the term "Italian Design" to a whole new level. There are example for single rooms (which can be seen below) or double rooms (which you can check out on their site). I wish my dorm room would have looked like this.

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