Wednesday, September 2, 2009

13-It's a magic number

The movie Ocean's 13 is a unique work of art. Here's why:

-The entire movie has a certain sense of style about it (a retro look reminiscent of old Las Vegas with a splash of clean modern lines).
-I'm not just talking about the wardrobe (which was actually said to be more influential than any other franchise since the Godfather). 
-The fictional "Bank" hotel was constructed with CGI and actual scenes were shot on sets. But it's architecture and interior design tower over anything else I have ever seen in a movie. 
-The soundtrack is consistent and helps the story line along. In my opinion, genius.
-Characters are original and banter between them seems to be effortless and humorous. Irwin Allen and Susan B. Anthony are terms that Ocean's Team is familiar with (I had to google them).
-Colors, transitions between scenes, illustrations, and transformations of beginning and ending credits are something that you may not have noticed before, but you should.

Collectively, I think this movie is a creative expression that is aesthetically and emotionally appeasing. Entertaining eye candy? Well yes, and much more.

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