Thursday, September 10, 2009

Explosive Art

Once upon a time Jackson Pollock flung paint everywhere onto a canvas. Some people despised it, some loved it. But there could be no argument about its originality.

Now, Rosemarie Fiore has created some work (seen above) in a new way that has making people turn their heads. Can you guess how she did this? BOOM! She painted with fireworks. Yes, fireworks.  You may love it (I do), or you may hate it. 

This is what Fiore has to say about it, "I consider my firework drawings invented dimensional spaces in which the forces of chaos and control combat. The visible traces of the fireworks’ detonations, transform the explosion spectacle into fixed mini universes of streaks, shooting sprays of vibrant pigments and shimmering fields of color.”

Well, at least no one can argue with her originality.

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