Saturday, August 29, 2009

How To

In a world before eHowWorst Case Scenario Books (which I absolutely love-I own 4), or even cell phones, there was a book released that I still believe to be one of the greatest books to own. It was first published in 1986. I am pretty sure I stumbled upon it as a toddler. And years later, I am still fascinated. The book is a compilation of instructions, diagrams, and images that are randomly thrown together. To be honest, you probably will never have to use some of the information you learn from this book. But just like the Worst Case Scenario Books, I feel better knowing those tidbits are stored away in my brain. Who knows? Maybe you will use it on Jeopardy some day, if not a real life situation. If you aren't the Jeopardy type, the layout is enough to convince you to buy this book. You can preview a huge chunk of it here. And if that isn't good enough, just look at the title-How To Hold A Crocodile. Are you interested yet?

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